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'Ryse' and a new Forza will launch alongside next-gen Xbox

Rumours of a next-generation Xbox are hotting up, with new details emerging almost everyday. While we have no concrete date, the Xbox event is expected in May. The new Xbox will reportedly include a new 8-core CPU, upgraded GPU and a new "always-on" feature, that has already cost one Microsoft employee their job. But, so far, we've heard very little about the games that will debut alongside the new Xbox. Games such as Halo and Gears of War are ending their useable life, and Microsoft is looking for replacement flagship games. 

The Verge reports that sources inform them a game called "Ryse" will step into the place left by Halo. "Ryse" was debuted at E3 2011, and is based in the time of the Romans. Microsoft is understood to have worked closely with Crytek, the developers behind "Ryse," in order to take advantage of the next Xbox's upgrades, as well as Kinect. Since 2011, the game has kept a low profile, but was still in development in 2012, on track for a 2013 release. Unlike most current Kinect-compatiable games, "Ryse" is incredibly integrated, allowing players to jab, kick and slash at characters in the game. The Verge understands that "Ryse" will take advantage of a Kinect update that is expected to coincide with the next Xbox. 

While "Ryse" will be the most prominent launch title, there are three more, including a new version of Forza, a popular motor sports game. The next version, Forza 5, will include "super life-like" graphics and will be available at launch alongside a zombie game and a family game with "Pixar movie-style graphics." The Nintendo Wii includes Wii Sports Resort, a fun and family friendly game which has cute cartoon mini-games. Microsoft may be interested into expanding into that potential market with the Xbox + Kinect. According to The Verge, the Xbox family game will create life-like characters by scanning the player with the Kinect. 

There will be many more launch titles, however, with "strong" third-party support in the first person shooter genre. Microsoft is also rumoured to switch to real currency in Xbox Live, as well as other additional improvements. 

Source: The Verge | Image via Digital Trends

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