Samsung has seemingly confirmed the name of its next smartwatch

Samsung's upcoming smartwatch has been the topic of some speculation lately, and some of it has revolved around its name, as it has been said to leave the Gear branding, instead opting for the name Galaxy Watch which is more similar to its premium smartphones.

Now, it seems as though Samsung just confirmed that it will be releasing a Galaxy Watch, as it briefly showed up on the company's U.S. website before being taken down. The device was spotted by Twitter user @sugabeticme, who reported the sighting to CNET along with the screenshot below, which apparently confirms its name, but also gives us the first official look at the upcoming smartwatch, at least in its Rose Gold color variant.

The listing doesn't provide much information regarding the specifications of the device, and the link itself led to a dead page while it was visible, but the title alone could provide some relevant information.

For starters, unlike the Gear S2 seen next to it, the name of the Galaxy Watch listing specifies the band size, which could indicate that it will offer more than one option, something which has already been rumored. Additionally, the smartwatch could come in both Bluetooth-only and LTE variants, with the Bluetooth version being the one seen in the picture.

While this might be the closest we've got to official information regarding the device, plans could still change before it's formally unveiled. Previous reports have suggested the Galaxy Watch will be announced on August 9 alongside the Note9, so we may not have much longer to wait.

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