Samsung tells S3 camera users to upgrade to the S5

A new Samsung advertisement published online appears to be designed to convince users of its ex-flagship device, the Galaxy S3, to upgrade to its much-newer successor, the S5. The S3 is now over two years old and only officially runs Android 4.3 Jelly Bean on the stock firmware.

The advert focuses primarily on the improved camera hardware found on the S5 and emphasizes how the 16MP sensor, up from 8MP on the S3, vastly improves the level of detail in captured photos. It also shows how the S5 handles varying light situations much more efficiently than its younger brother in a bid to grab the attention of S3 users.

Although it is doubtful how many people will actually upgrade to the S5 after watching the video, it's certainly interesting watching manufacturers attempt to get users off their old handsets to upgrade to newer models by speaking negatively of their own products. Just two years ago it was the S3 that Samsung needed everybody to buy. Now, however, it's more than willing to remind people about its shortcomings so they can ditch that device.

The S5 can have a couple of years of fame before its inevitable fate meets it.

Source: Samsung via Phones Review

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