Sea of Thieves is now three years old, celebrates 20 million players milestone

Rare's pirate adventure game Sea of Thieves is now 20 million players strong, with Rare sharing the impressive number today just as the game becomes three years old. Celebrating the anniversary, the studio has planned a weekend of festivities for fans to gain rewards in a number of ways.

The last time Rare shared Sea of Thieves numbers was back in January 2020 when the game reached the 10 million players mark. The title originally released on Xbox One, Windows, and Xbox Game Pass in 2018, followed by another wildly successful release on Steam last year.

Rare also shared some stats regarding what Sea of Thieves pirates have accomplished during the three years of plundering, which include being sick 11.9 million times, encountering and defeating the Kraken 3.2 million times, and producing over 600,000 Pirate Legends.

Here are all the ways players can claim some festive items, ranging from login rewards and double XP voyages to Twitch Drops, during this weekend:

  • Players who log in between March 18 (10:00 UTC) and March 25 (10:00 UTC) will receive this year’s anniversary gift: the Prosperous Captain’s Sails. If you’re an Xbox Game Pass member, you can also receive the Jump for Joy Emote by logging in between March 18 and March 21!
  • As part of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Perks, members can now claim the Sea of Thieves Ocean Crawler Bundle for free between March 18 (16:00 UTC) and June 18 (23:59 UTC).
  • Still need to pick up the game itself? Sea of Thieves is on sale for its anniversary weekend – grab it at 50% off in the Microsoft Store between March 18 and March 21.
  • We’ll be running a special Gold and Glory Weekend from March 19 (00:00 UTC) to March 22 (23:59 UTC), where you can not only earn double the gold and Trading Company reputation but extra Seasonal Renown too!
  • Grab the final set of Season One Twitch Drops by tuning in to any of our Sea of Thieves Partners between March 19 and March 23. You can pick up the remaining Gilded Phoenix equipment as well as the all-new Hornpipe Dance Emote to dance a merry jig.
  • If you want to dive into the backstories of some of Sea of Thieves’ main characters, the first free issue of our latest Sea of Thieves Origins comic miniseries is available on comiXology now – focusing on the exploits of Sir Arthur Pendragon as he forges his name as the Champion of Souls.
  • Introducing new wonders to the Pirate Emporium including a free ROFL Emote and this weekend’s grand anniversary Emporium sale!
Sea of Thieves screenshot

Sea of Thieves players may have already noticed that a new game update is also waiting for them. This 2.0.23 update brings in the next in-game event, the Vault Raiders, which is actually the final event that will go up before Season One content plan comes to an end. See the full patch notes here. April will see the start of Season Two with another major content update as promised.

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