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Skype Insider update brings improved message quoting and several fixes for annoying bugs

Two iPhones with Skype running

Skype insiders have a new build to test this week. Version is now available for download on all supported platforms, with improved message quoting and fixes for several annoying bugs. Here is what is new in the latest Skype Insider release:

  • Improved Message Quoting. Skype users on all platforms can now quote non-text messages, such as photos, GIFs, videos, etc. Previously, Skype supported text message quoting only.
  • Fixed the bug when message notifications caused the phone to ring once on iOS.
  • Fixed the bug when the “Show myself in the grid” option could not be selected on the New Call Screen menu on Windows.
  • Fixed the group name text cutoff on iOS.
  • Fixed the bug preventing files from downloading on macOS.
  • Fixed the bug causing call forwarding settings to change upon switching Skype accounts.
  • Fixed the bug causing the app to navigate to the end of the conversation when quoting or replying to a quoted message.

Microsoft rolls out Skype Insider updates in waves, which means some insiders will get the latest version slightly later than others. As usual, Microsoft urges every Skype Insider to share their feedback using the Skype User Feedback channel.

You can download the latest Skype Insider update from the official Skype website. The app is available on Windows, Mac, Linux (DEB and RPM), Android, and iOS (via the TestFlight app).

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