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Sony kicks back with 4.1 Million PlayStation Move shipments

Sony announced today that they have shipped 4.1 million PlayStation Move units in just the two months since launch. The figure accounts for all worldwide shipments of the device, which launched in September across North America, Europe and Asia. Meanwhile the PlayStation Move has only been on sale in Japan for little under a month, but has already seen a steady sales growth since the launch.

The press release from Sony was clearly a rebuttal to the Microsoft announcement yesterday, regarding the 2.5 million sales of Kinect for Xbox 360, which launched in November.

The two companies have been battling it out over the past year to see which device will land in consumer’s homes. Both companies are pushing their new hardware vigorously, and it can only be good news for consumers in the long run.

Microsoft does seem to have the most steam behind their hardware though, not only in early sales but also in the amount of software available for Kinect, both before and after launch. New titles have been released each week for Kinect, while the PlayStation Move has struggled to find new games for users to purchase. Most of the titles released since launch have been patched updates or small add-ons, such as those seen in the Sly Cooper remake, while major titles such as LittleBigPlanet 2 saw delays to their release.

Both the PlayStation Move and Kinect for Xbox 360 devices are available in stores now.

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