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Sony reportedly making an Xbox Elite-like "Pro" controller for PlayStation consoles

PS5 dualsense controllers

PlayStation fans may soon have a premium controller that rivals Xbox's Elite line, offering customizable parts, rear paddles, and more. This is according to a new report by renowned leaker Tom Henderson writing for Try Hard Guides.

The report states that this new controller offering, dubbed 'PlayStation 5 Pro Controller' internally, has features such as removable analog stick units, trigger stops for quickly engaging the complete pressing action without squeezing all the way, new grips (may be removable), and paddles on the back for even more key customization.

While the reported feature suite sounds very much like what Microsoft offers with its Xbox Elite series, the biggest difference seems to be with the analog sticks.

On Xbox, the sticks have swappable toppers and adjustable tension, but on the PlayStation side, the entire thumbstick unit is said to be replaceable. If true, this kind of system would allow customers to simply swap out a defective or stick-drift affected module with a new thumbstick unit without having to purchase a brand-new controller.

There are said to be major improvements on the software side of things too, though none are specified.

Henderson goes on to say that "several new bits of hardware" will be unveiled by Sony before July, which may include this Pro controller or something else entirely. As usual, take all this with a grain of salt until an announcement arrives from Sony itself.

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