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Speculations reveal Spotify could provide lossless audio on a new service for $19.99/month

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Those who were eagerly hoping Spotify would get lossless audio might finally have their wishes fulfilled. Rumors suggest Spotify is cooking up a new service by the app labeled “Suprememium” with a flashy logo and the long-awaited 24-bit lossless audio.

The name Supremium floated around in June 2023, where it was rumored to be Spotify's most expensive streaming plan with lossless HiFi audio quality. Today, there have been more updates regarding the topic.

The latest speculation reported by TechCrunch was done by Chris Messina, a tech veteran and investor. Previously, Messina uncovered the AI-powered playlists in Spotify’s app code theorizing that the company would allow users to create unique playlists based on prompts.

In today’s post, apart from the AI-generated playlists, Messina mentions more capabilities, like additional hours of audiobook listening, advanced mixing tools, and a tailored feature called “Your Sound Capsule.”

Threads post on Supremium

The cost for Supremium was revealed a few weeks ago by a Reddit user called Hypixely, who referred to the app’s code that mentioned AI playlists and lossless audio.

Today’s post confirms Hypixely's speculations and predicts that Supremium would cost $19.99 per month and that the HiFi brand would be replaced with “24-bit lossless audio.” HiFi was a premium service introduced years ago but was never realized by Spotify.

CEO Daniel Ek had hinted at a potential retooling of HiFi in his interview about delays in Spotify’s Q2 earnings. He mentioned:

“What I will say of course, is that Hi-Fi remains something that we think has value, but it’s something that has value to probably and more aficionados in the streaming market and we’re interested in, obviously, how we could use that as one tool to, in the future, increase our value even further, but we don’t have anything to announce at this point.”

There are other similarities between the content spotted by Hypixely and Messina as well. They both mention the capability that lets users filter their library by mood, activity, or genre as well as advanced mixing tools like BPM.

However, while Messina mentions a new feature called “Your Sound Capsule,” Hypixely names “Soundcheck” as an additional feature that tells users about their listening habits and creates curated playlists.

To investigate further, Spotify was asked to comment to which they declined. According to a previous statement by a company spokesperson, Spotify does not comment on speculations about potential features in the making.

Source: TechCrunch

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