Spotify-acquired Anchor debuts one-tap Audio Enhancement feature

Audio Enhancement

In its latest bid to help newbie podcasters sound like the pros, the Spotify-acquired podcast hosting platform Anchor is introducing the new one-tap Audio Enhancement feature, which will help podcast creators drown out the noise and improve their vocal clarity.

Touted as a valuable audio editing tool, Audio Enhancement will help users create podcasts in a single tap by eliminating background noise and bringing the creator’s voice to the forefront after leveling it to acceptable standards.

The result, it claims thus, will be better-sounding audio, even if recorded in noisy environments like a beer shop, or a queue with wailing sirens in the background. In addition, you’ll no longer have to wait for a quiet setting to get things started.

To use Audio Enhancement, just launch the Anchor app, tap the Record button, and hit the Enhance button to significantly reduce background noise and sound like you were just sitting in front of a mic.

Audio Enhancement is completely free to use. It is also rolling out today to all podcast creators around the world in the Anchor mobile app on iOS and Android.

Anchor already powers 70 percent of Spotify's podcast catalog. The company is trying to enhance the audio quality to the point where it’s good enough to release as a podcast and make the brand a one-stop solution for podcast listening and creation.

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