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Statcounter: Almost every fourth Windows customer uses Windows 11

Windows 11 10 and 7 Logos

Microsoft doesn't provide official numbers about Windows 11's popularity, so the only way to learn how many people use its latest OS is through third-party analytic services. Although one went six feet under several weeks ago, well-established companies like Statcounter continue serving monthly reports with all sorts of details.

According to the July 2023 report, Windows 11 currently holds approximately 23.68% of all Windows users.

Disclaimer: Third-party analytic companies cannot provide 100% accurate data. Therefore, take Statcounter's report with a grain of salt. Head to the official FAQ page to learn how Statcounter prepares monthly reports.

Like Google Chrome on the browser market, Windows 10 remains the undisputed king of the hill with a whopping 71.1% share (+0.01 points). At the beginning of the year, when Microsoft put Windows 7 to its final rest, Windows 10 gained a solid chunk of users, further cementing its dominant position.

However, with the Windows 10's end of life getting closer and new hardware working better on Windows 11, the now-eight-year-old OS is slowly losing consumers to Windows 11.

Still, Windows 11's growth is not as fast as Microsoft would like it to be. According to Statcounter, after reaching the 23% mark in April 2023, Windows 11 remains somewhat stalled with a 23.68% share (-0.25 points).

As for Windows 7, the third most popular Windows version (popular is a stretch here), its die-hard fan base refuses to abandon ship, resulting in the OS having an unchanged market share of 3.7% (+0.01 points). The remaining Windows releases, 8.1, 8, and XP, are below the 1% point.

  1. Windows 10 - 71.1% (+0.01 points)
  2. Windows 11 - 23.68% (-0.25 points)
  3. Windows 7 - 3.7% (+0.01 points)
  4. Windows 8.1 - 0.7%
  5. Windows 8 - 0.35%
A chart showing market shares of different Windows versions

As usual, you can find more information about Statcounter's latest operating system and other reports on the official website.

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