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Statcounter: Microsoft Edge edges near 12% market share for the first time

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At the beginning of each month, Statcounter publishes its regular reports, revealing fresh data about browsers, operating systems, search engines, and other products. The December 2023 report is now available on the official website. It details Microsoft Edge getting to its new all-time high, Safari taking a sudden nosedive, and Chrome climbing up.

After losing second place to Safari in May 2023, Microsoft Edge is back from third to second most popular desktop browser. It increased its market share in December 2023, going up from 11.23% to 11.9%. That is an all-time high for Edge, which is available on Windows, macOS, and Linux.

Apple's Safari, on the other hand, is the only non-cross-platform desktop browser in the report. Last month, it went from 13.3% to 8.96% (there is no information on what is behind such a drastic change), coming dangerously close to Firefox with its 7.62% (+0.93 points).

Google Chrome is still the go-to browser for most users on desktop computers. It owns the market with its massive 65.23% market share, which increased by 3.17 points in December 2023.

Finally, Opera closes the top 5 desktop browser list with a 3.8% market share (-0.74 points).

  1. Google Chrome: 65.23% (+0.93 points)
  2. Microsoft Edge: 11.9% (+0.67 points)
  3. Apple Safari: 8.96% (-4.07 points)
  4. Mozilla Firefox: 7.62% (+0.93 points)
  5. Opera: 3.8% (-0.74 points)
A chart showing market shares of different browsers

And here is what things look like on the mobile side of the market:

  1. Google Chrome: 64.93% (+0.39 points)
  2. Apple Safari: 24.71% (-0.45 points)
  3. Samsung Internet: 4.48% (-0.1 points)
  4. Opera: 2.28% (+0.18 points)
  5. UC Browser: 1.48% (+0.03 points)
A chart showing market shares of different browsers

Microsoft Edge also has a fair share of users on iPhone and Android, but it is nowhere near its competitors. Statcounter says Edge's mobile market share is about 0.24%.

You can learn more about the latest Statcounter browser report on the official website. Remember that third-party stats reports cannot be 100% accurate. More info on how Statcounter gathers its data is available here.

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