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The PlayStation Classic is starting to sell out, luckily more retailers are now carrying it

Sony recently announced its PlayStation Classic console that will arrive with an iconic design derived from the original PlayStation and will feature 20 pre-loaded games. The retro mini console will arrive just in time for the holidays so this will most likely be a hot seller. While the console was made available for pre-order right after the announcement, it looks like just a day later some of the retailers have either delisted the item or have marked it as sold out. Luckily, you won't be in a world of hurt this go-around, since other retailers have stepped up to fill the void, offering their own pre-order options.

Best Buy and Game Stop were one of the first to list the console for pre-order in the United States, and it looks like the former might have depleted its pre-order inventory (the website is now showing the product as 'coming soon'). It also looks like Amazon has tapped out, marking the product as 'unavailable'. You aren't out of luck though, as Game Stop still has it available, and now Target and Walmart are both offering the console for pre-order. You can find links to the product below, if you want to pre-order it.

Source: Walmart, Target, Game Stop

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