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The UK is now a smartphone and selfie nation, according to research

It is of no doubt that we live in an era where phones are very powerful in terms of capabilities, aside from its essential uses like texting and calling. In relation to this, a report from Ofcom has stated that smartphones have surpassed laptops as the preferred method for going online, in the United Kingdom.

The research has revealed that 33% of internet users in the country opted for smartphones as their device for accessing the internet, compared to the 30% of people who expressed their loyalty with their laptops. This percentage is double from what was recorded in the past two years, when laptops were still more preferred by a wider margin. Furthermore, it stated that smartphones are now owned by 66% of UK adults, from a small 39% in 2012.

Graph via Ofcom Research

Moreover, the report tackled the ever so popular photography trend today: the selfie. Britons have reportedly taken 1.2 billion self-portraits in 2014, with 40% of them aged 16-24 saying that they have taken at least one selfie in a week. Others have said that they take selfies every day.

Giving a reason behind this, the research stated that the rise of phones with good front shooters have been fueling the photography trend between the British people. The smartphone has even exceeded the digital camera in popularity, for taking and storing photos last year. 89% of 16 to 24 year olds allegedly use their phones for photography, while the same can be said for 60% of adults.

While it is of no wonder that selfies are the thing of today, and it's not really that bad to take at least one or two self-portraits every once in a while, there are still those times someone takes it too far-- and risk serving time.

Source: Ofcom via BBC | Image via Matt Groening

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