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Tiny11 is out—a lightweight and debloated Windows 11 for less powerful computers

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Windows 11 is infamous for steep hardware requirements that make it hard to use the operating system on less powerful computers or devices with older yet still capable hardware. There are many ways to bypass the limitations, but you cannot work around Windows 11's large footprint and tons of, let's put it mildly, unnecessary components. Therefore, installing stock Windows 11 on unsupported hardware might result in a less-than-satisfying experience. This is where Tiny11 comes to play.

Tiny11 is the original Windows 11 version 22H2 stripped down to the very vitals. The mod requires only 8GB on a drive (stock Windows 11 chews more than 20GB), works on systems with 2GB of RAM, and does not need Trusted Platform Module or Secure Boot. You can even upgrade from Windows 10 to Tiny11.

Tiny11 provides just the necessary components, such as accessibility tools, Windows Terminal, Microsoft Store, Calculator, Notepad, and Paint. There is no Microsoft Edge, so you can install the browser you want without the operating system begging you to stay with Edge. Also, Tiny11 works with offline accounts by default, but you can sign in with a Microsoft Account.

Overall, the operating system has everything a casual user needs for comfortable daily computing on any hardware. It consumes fewer resources and does not require the latest hardware. Of course, installing a modified Windows 11 ISO always has potential risks, so proceed with caution. Another thing to keep in mind is that you still need a valid key to activate Tiny11—no piracy here. You can download Tiny11 from the Internet Archive. Alternatively, you can get a similar experience with third-party apps, such as TIW11.

If Windows 11 is not your choice, opt for Tiny10, which applies the same treatment to user-favorite Windows 10.

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