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Titanfall 2 for the Xbox One receives a heavy discount knocking 60% off

Respawn Entertainment's Titanfall 2 was a critical success garnering quite a bit of praise. The title was released for various consoles and even the PC at the tail end of last year. Now after several months, the game has received a heavy discount knocking 60% off its retail price of $59.99.

While the first person shooter might not appeal to everyone, the Titanfall series has had an interesting mechanic that also allows players to pilot battle mechs called Titans. Unlike the first entry in the series, Titanfall 2 offers a single-player story campaign in addition to its various multiplayer modes.

Now for a limited time, the title has received a generous price cut by way of Amazon that sees the game's cost drop down to $24.00 USD. This is the digital version of the game and you will need to use the code to redeem it from the Xbox Live service. If this game is not something you're interested in, you can always check out some other titles that are being offered at a very good price.

Source: Amazon via Major Nelson | Image via Titanfall

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