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Video seemingly shows Windows 10 Mobile running on a Nexus 5X

Xiaomi's Mi4, which can officially run Windows 10 Mobile

Many Windows phone users have longed for the day when they could use Microsoft’s mobile operating system on their Android devices. And while some strides have been made in this direction, running Windows 10 Mobile on an Android device is by no means a common occurrence. But a new video showing a Nexus 5X device running Windows 10 Mobile, might give some users hope for the future.

The video seems to show one of the Google-anointed phones running Windows 10 Mobile with an older November Update build. The system seems to be running fairly well considering this is an unsupported device, and we even get a few glimpses of apps like Weather and the Store popping up.

The video was spotted on Reddit, but the poster didn’t elaborate with further info so it’s not exactly clear how this was done. We’ve seen Windows Phone and Windows 10 Mobile running on unsupported devices before, and there’s even an official ROM available for the Xioami Mi 4 device. There’s speculation that this was based on that ROM.

However, before you go out trying to install old builds of Windows 10 Mobile on your brand new Nexus, please note that this may be fake. There are a number of inconsistencies in the video like the old build version, which was originally leaked, the IMEI number corresponding to an old LG Windows Phone 7 device and so on. It’s not clear if these are simply spoofs that the hacker had to make to get the OS running on the Nexus 5X or if they’re telltale signs of a fake.

In either case, Windows 10 Mobile running on an Android device may seem like a dream come true to a few passionate users, but the vast majority of Android and even Windows 10 Mobile users would probably prefer to run the OS on hardware specifically designed for that purpose.

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