Watch Dogs 2 update adds new multiplayer modes, a paintball gun, and more for free

Ubisoft's pseudo-hacking culture centered game, Watch Dogs 2 launched last year, faring much better in the eyes of critics than its predecessor. Today, 'Title Update 1.13' has hit the game, its biggest yet, containing some new multiplayer game modes, a new non-lethal weapon, general game improvements, and more.

The update's new 'Showd0wn' game mode was initially expected to show up with the game's upcoming No Compromise DLC. But, following community feedback, the developer chose to ship the mode for free, and add extra single-player content to the DLC in its place. Showd0wn is a four-player PVP team based game mode, consisting of three objectives: Steal the HDD, Doom-load, and Erase/Protect the Servers, that take place in 15 various locations.

In addition, eKart, drone, and motocross races are now playable in multiplayer, with seasonal rewards for top leaderboard contenders. A new randomly appearing 'loot truck event' is also included in the update, where players can attempt to rob armored trucks, but be prepared for the resulting police response.

For players that prefer to use a non-lethal approach, the developer has also included a paintball gun, seen above, that stuns enemies and even obscures the vision of real players unfortunate enough to get hit.

Full patch notes are available on the Ubisoft website, and the update itself should now be available for download on PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.

Source: Ubisoft via PCGamer

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