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Windows 10: Enhancements to security

Microsoft is in full development mode for Windows 10, and one item that is likely on the minds of many are the new security features coming with the platform. Seeing that data breaches, identity theft, and malware are real and consistent threats, Windows 10 needs to be built to project against threats of today and tomorrow too.

To that degree, Microsoft has posted a rather lengthy piece that talks about the new security features coming with Windows 10, but to save you a bit of time, we have them summarized below.

Modern Approach to Identity and User Credentials

  • Windows 10 builds multi-factor authentication right into the operating system and device itself, eliminating the need for additional hardware security peripherals.
  • Users will be able to enroll each of their devices with these new credentials, or they can enroll a single device, such as a mobile phone. Once enrolled, devices themselves become one of two factors that are required for authentication.
  • Windows 10 will protect the user access tokens that are generated once authenticated with an architectural solution that stores user access tokens within a secure container running on top of Hyper-V technology.

Information Protection

  • Windows 10 enables automatic encryption of corporate apps, data, email, website content and other sensitive information, as it arrives on the device from corporate network locations.
  • This solution will provide the same experience on Windows Phone as we see on the Windows desktop and we’ll provide interoperability such that protected documents can be accessed across multiple platforms.
  • Windows 10 provides a spectrum of VPN control options, from constant connectivity, to specifying which particular apps may have access via VPN.

Threat Resistance

  • Windows 10 also provides organizations with the ability to lock down devices, only allowing trusted apps, enabling additional threat and malware resistance.

These improvements will help to protect users and to keep your data safe; these are only the first few security bits Microsoft is ready to talk about. As more features get introduced in to the technical preview builds, the additional security layers will be detailed.

There has been quite a bit of Windows 10 news over the last two days, and if you missed any, you can catch up on all of it here. Or if you are having trouble with your install, make sure to check out our Windows 10 forum here

Source: Microsoft

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