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Windows 10: Microsoft now offers users two choices - "upgrade now" or "upgrade tonight"

In its first 24 hours of availability, Windows 10 made its way to an impressive 14 million devices, and that number climbed to 75 million four weeks later. It's not clear exactly how many devices are now running the OS, though, as Microsoft's last official figure of 110 million was announced over two months ago.

Whatever the current total is, it seems likely to climb significantly in the weeks ahead, as Microsoft renews its push to get Windows 7 and 8.1 users to upgrade to its latest OS - but it seems the company may just be getting a bit too pushy with its approach.

As InfoWorld reports, Microsoft's 'Get Windows 10' feature on its older operating systems - which is intended to make it easy for users to take advantage of its free upgrade offer - was recently updated with revisions that, at first glance, appear to give users very little choice over whether to upgrade or not.

Image via InfoWorld

The new 'Upgrade to Windows 10' dialog presents users with just two clear options - "Upgrade now" or "Upgrade tonight" - with no obvious means to defer installation for a longer period than that.

Of course, tech-savvy users will be quick to spot the 'X' button to simply close the window and move on - but for less knowledgeable users, the implications of closing the window are somewhat unclear. Given that the dialog warns that "upgrading to Windows 10 is free for a limited time", some users could infer that if they close the window, they may not be able to upgrade free at a later date.

An earlier version of the Get Windows 10 feature appeared to leave things a bit more open-ended. As you can see from the tweet above, posted by PC World senior editor Brad Chacos last week, the same dialog previously offered the option to "Download now, upgrade later", hinting at the possibility of a longer deferment period than the new "Upgrade tonight" button that replaced it.

Source: InfoWorld

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