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Woman buys a Playstation 4 for her boyfriend at Target; gets two Bibles instead

Image via Sony

It's quite early for April fools' to be duped by the people around us. But sadly, this is not the case for a woman who went inside a Target store to buy her significant other a Christmas present, but instead of what she expected, she got the writings of faith inside the box.

The woman's name is Sandra Ortiz, hailing from Delano, California. She originally planned to go to Target to buy her boyfriend a PlayStation 4. Having successfully and excitedly purchased the console, she then brought it to her boyfriend. Upon opening the box, not only the boyfriend, but also the woman, was in for a surprise. Two bibles were inside the console box, instead of the said gaming system.

Ortiz mentioned that her boyfriend took a glance at one of the books, and wondered what was happening. He maybe have thought that it was Ortiz's way of showing him the life outside of gaming. She quotes his boyfriend:

"He said he didn't want the Bibles unless they were autographed by Jesus himself,"

Returning the box, she feared that Target would not believe her story, as she was not also able to check the contents of the box itself before leaving. She explains:

“I felt embarrassed,” she said. “I felt like, you know, I just ruined Christmas for him and everybody else.”

Fortunately, Target was understanding enough, and did give her a brand new PlayStation 4. For balance on the sudden mix-up, they even gave Ortiz two books on faith: Karl Marx's "Das Kapital" and Richard Dawkin's "The God Delusion."

What is peculiar in the story is that Target is seemingly aware of the situation, and even mentioned another instance that a box was filled in with paper. A spokeswoman of Target told CNET:

"As soon as the guest brought the package back, we immediately apologized for any inconvenience and exchanged it for a new one."

This kind of story is really not new anymore, even with other stores. Two years ago, an iPad buyer in Wal-Mart unluckily receives a pack of notepads inside the box. Also, last year, a man buys an iPad in Tesco in the U.K., and to his surprise, finds nothing but clay inside.

Ortiz now recommends that shoppers insist to open and check the box whenever they make expensive purchases.

Source: CNET, Fox 8

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