Workaround for Grand Theft Auto V Xbox 360 "Play" disc install issue found

Rockstar Games has officially released Grand Theft Auto V in the U.S. and Europe and, as expected, the open world action game is getting near universal praise. However, as we reported on Monday, the people who buy the Xbox 360 version of the game have two discs in the package; the "Install" and "Play" discs. Rockstar has warned gamers not to install the content of the "Play" disc on the console's hard drive.

The issue is that when the content of both discs are put into the main storage area of the console, it can cause problems with streaming texture data in the game. Naturally, many Xbox 360 GTA V owners would like not to have a noisy disc moving in the console while they play the game.

Now the Digital Foundry group at Eurogamer have found what could be a workaround for this problem. Instead of installing the "Play" disc content on the Xbox 360 hard drive, the team installed it on a USB drive connected to the console. The site says, "Doing so appears to eradicate the performance issues found when both discs are installed to the Xbox 360 hard drive."

The video that accompanies this article does point out that not all USB flash drives are the same, so this trick may not work if your flash drive has lower performance. However, this is still good news for many Xbox 360 GTA V owners who want to do away with the "Play" disc completely while they explore the vast world of Los Santos.

Source: Eurogamer

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