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Xbox App on Windows gets performance indicators and navigation improvements

A desktop gaming computer with the Xbox app running on the screen

Microsoft has announced the June 2022 update for the Xbox App on computers with Windows 10 and 11. This month's release brings performance indicators that can help you better understand whether the game you want to download can run on your PC, plus several improvements to the game library.

Game Performance Fit Indicator

The Xbox App for Windows 10 and 11 can display the hardware requirements of a particular game. Still, those may be just too complicated for a regular consumer. Microsoft added performance indicators to help users understand how a specific game will work using simple terms, such as "Plays well on similar computers."

The Xbox App showing a performance indicator for the Sea of Thieves game

Microsoft uses its data to compare the game's performance on computers similar to yours. If the app thinks the game will run poorly on a specific config, it will show the hardware requirement so that the user can see more in-depth information and find what component can cause problems.

Note that the performance indicators are not available for all games, but Microsoft says it will continue getting the needed information to provide performance evaluations for each available title.

Improved Games Discoverability

According to Microsoft, the latest Xbox App update on PC brings notable improvements for navigation, making it easier to find more games to play. All navigation items now sit in the sidebar, plus you can track installations using the new queue.

Also, search in the Xbox app is now more accurate. It can display games from the Xbox Game Pass catalog, plus EA Play and Ubisoft Connect. Finally, the Home page shows more game collections.

You can download the Xbox app for Windows 10 and 11 from the Microsoft Store.

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