You may be left holding your brand-new Ryzen 7000 CPU for nearly two weeks

AND Ryzen 7000 and Socket AM5 side by side

Later today, AMD is all set to hold its announcement event for the next-gen Ryzen 7000 series CPUs based on the Zen 4 architecture. The actual availability of the products, however, is allegedly planned for later, in mid-September. There has been good evidence too, in the form of photos, which suggest it is indeed the case. Although unconfirmed, reports of potential firmware problems could be to blame for this alleged late launch.

According to a new report from fellow media outlet Wccftech, the accompanying socket AM5 motherboards for the Ryzen 7000 CPUs are actually arriving even later. The site claims that the X670 chipset boards will launch 12 days after the Zen 4 processors, on September 27th. Meanwhile, the more mainstream B650 chipset is launching another couple of weeks later on October 10th.

This means you could be left holding on to your new Ryzen 7000 chip for nearly two weeks or more if this report is accurate.

AMD Computex 2022

In terms of the the flagship X670 Extreme or X670E chipset, the report claims that these too will land alongside the non-Extreme X670 boards, which implies an expected launch date on the 27th September mentioned above. AMD is apparently also planning a new B650 Extreme chipset or B650E according to a leak earlier today. At the moment though, it is not known when it will be available.

Source: Wccftech

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