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10 October 2004
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Avid writer, tech enthusiast, car lover and a purveyor of cheap whiskies. Born and bred in Ontario, Canada and looking to enrich my own writing while stimulating the minds of others. I am in training for Radio Broadcasting and also have dabbled in nightclub DJing

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CES 2011 Wrap-up

· · Hot! with 14 comments

It's been a week. Fatigue and tensions have been high at times and there are so many photos and articles to click through you might have missed something you wanted to see. Neowin has been...

Motorola Xoom Impressions

· with 6 comments

Motorola's entry into the growing slate market, at first glance, looks like a very sightly competitor to Apple's iPad. The device feels well built with a 10.1 inch screen that is slightly bigger than that...


Sony Ericsson unveils sexy Xperia Arc

· · Hot! with 20 comments

Although Sony's conference was filled with TV announcements, interesting 3D demonstration and the unveiling of 3D cameras, Sony Ericsson's latest smartphone offering really stole the show. The Xperia Arc is a serious step-up in Sony...

iPad now on sale in Israel

· with 8 comments

The iPad has finally found a distributor in Israel. When the iPad was launched, it was found that the device was in violation of Israeli wireless laws, and thus its import was banned in the...