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Get The Expanse: The Complete Series with a 19% discount now

The Expanse

One of the best shows on TV in the last decade was the wildly underappreciated sci-fi The Expanse. The show almost got canceled until fans practically begged Amazon to pick it up for another couple of seasons and allowed it to conclude in a good manner. You can now get the entire series on Amazon with a 19% discount.

The Expanse is based on a book series which actually ran on for longer than the show due to the show having to be wrapped up. With books being available, any unanswered questions or desire for a sequel TV show can be filled by the books if you’re looking to continue.

If you have no idea what the show is about, here’s what Amazon says:

200 years in the future, Earth, Mars, and the Asteroid Belt are on the edge of war. Welcome to The Expanse, the thrilling sci-fi series that begins with an investigation into one woman's disappearance, but becomes a star-spanning saga where an alien bioweapon could alter the evolution of humanity. Experience all six seasons of incredible action and interplanetary suspense in the acclaimed, Hugo Award-winning show as the Rocinante and its crew race across a colonized Solar System to combat the greatest conspiracy in human history.

The series has 15 discs included and has a total runtime of 2828 minutes. If you’re planning to buy the series for kids just know that it’s rated TV-14 and is littered with sex and nudity, violence, profanity, and drinking so just be aware of that if it’s a consideration for you.

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