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All AMD Ryzen 7000 will come with RDNA 2 graphics, details are here

Earlier in the year at Computex 2022, AMD detailed its Zen 4 architecture. The company revealed that its Ryzen 7000 series chips would all come with integrated graphics which is unlike what has been the norm with Ryzen CPUs so far. Every AMD Ryzen 7000 processor will have two RDNA 2 compute units inside their I/O dies. This means you won't need a separate discrete GPU for display in case you don't have an APU.

RDNA 2 integrated graphics in Ryzen 7000 IO die

Since then, AMD has shared performance figures for the Zen 4 core itself at the Ryzen 7000 launch event last month, though details about the integrated I/O die graphics were skipped during it. The company is lifting review embargo on Ryzen 7000 today and details on the RDNA 2 integrated graphics processor (IGP) are now available.

Perhaps the biggest highlight of the new RDNA 2 iGP is encoding support in either H.264 (AVC) or H.265 (HEVC). This could come in really handy on laptops where the IGP on the I/O die could be used for such purposes. Decoding support is there, too, of course. AMD integrated graphics will now be able to decode AV1 videos as well, something which has been missing so far on Vega-based IGPs.

You can view the full feature set in the images below:

RDNA 2 integrated graphics in Ryzen 7000 IO die
RDNA 2 integrated graphics in Ryzen 7000 IO die

If you are wondering about the gaming performance of the I/O die IGP, don't expect to be blown away by these in any way whatsoever. As mentioned above, there will only be two CUs on the chip with expected clock speeds of around 2.2GHz.

Keep in mind that these are not the Ryzen 7000 G-series APUs (Accelarated Processing Units) which are meant for gaming. Those will be released later and will come with much higher CU counts, probably around 12, similar to the Radeon 680M mobile IGP released earlier.

Via: VideoCardz

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