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Android App Spotlight: Tapet generates an endless amount of wallpapers for your device

Most people belong to two wallpaper camps: those who pick one photo of a family member, friend, or landmark and stick with it for months or even years, and those who have an ongoing thirst to cycle through wallpapers on a regular basis. If you belong to the latter camp and are a fan of abstract Material-esque wallpapers for your Android phone or tablet... then Tapet might just something you'd be interested in.

What is it?

Tapet isn't a new app - it's been around for a couple of years. It has a number of different 'patterns' built into the app and picks random colorways, shades, brightness, and saturation for each panel on that pattern. You end up with what is basically an infinite number of wallpapers without having to lift a finger, and although the patterns don't change, they still look new and fresh every time. You can choose how often to cycle out the wallpaper it generates and you can individually modify each wallpaper if you're not a fan of the colors or pattern.

The good

The free version of the app is more than enough in terms of the included base patterns. One of the things the app does is 'learn' which sort of patterns and colors you prefer and shows you those more often making for a great experience. This 'learning' requires user interaction in that you'd have to 'like' a certain wallpaper or 'dislike' others.

You can set manual priorities for different colors (red, violet, blue, teal, green, and yellow). For example: if I don't like seeing green, I can completely disable the color from showing. And if I like seeing red - or only want to see yellow - I can modify the color prioritization accordingly. This also extends to saturation and brightness, and you can even set it to darken "during the night" which it specifies to be 9PM to 7AM.

You can save individual images if you really like them and it also shows you a history of images it has generated for you in the past.

The bad

Depending on how you configure it, it can be quite battery intensive. If you set it to change very frequently (several times an hour) then the app's battery usage increases and the battery impact becomes quite noticeable. This is further exaggerated if you combine it with the parallax setting. It would have been a good move by the developers to notify the user of this situation.

You can check out Tapet on the Google Play Store here where it currently scores an average of 4.5 from 63,595 total ratings.

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