Apple loses another 4th generation iPhone

According to MacRumors, someone on a Vietnamese forum has posted pictures of another 4th generation iPhone prototype. This marks the second time Apple has failed to contain its highly anticipated upgrade to one of the world's most popular smartphones. The site doesn't mention a story as elaborate as the Gizmodo fiasco that we're all aware of, but we're sure there's got to be a reasonable explanation for this particular leak.

The forum, called, has many photos posted of the device and its innards. There are a few notable differences between this device and the one found in a bar last month. According to the images, it seems that the new iPhone will sport the same Apple branded processor as the iPad. It is also noted that the screws at the bottom of the device are no longer present and the device backing shows 16GB, instead of XXGB. This leads us to believe that Apple will ship a 16GB model at launch. The phone seems to be powered on and running a diagnostic OS.

Below is a video of the device (found on Mashable). Be sure to check out the gallery for a bunch of photos of the outer casing, as well as dissection.

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