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Daily Gaming: November 4, 2010

With all the main page Kinect news today we have a lot more general gaming news than usual with details of Fifa Soccer’s huge lifetime sales, new PlayStation 3 DLC, the UK Kinect launch and much more. This weekend we will have a review of Sony's new PlayStation move title - The Fight so keep an eye out for that.

General News

Dragon Age Legends comes to Facebook

EA and BioWare have announced the release of Dragon Age Legends. The game will be another free to play Facebook title which has been designed specifically for the social network. Unlike the main console title, Dragon Age Legends has been designed to be played by users of all ages, the game will also allow players to unlock extras within the upcoming Dragon Age II due for release next year.

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Call of Duty: Black Ops Soundtrack Listed

Activision has passed us the details of the soundtrack release for Call of Duty: Black Ops. The soundtrack will be release on the November 9, the same day as the game will hit stores. The soundtrack features music from composer, Sean Murray and has over 30 tracks and will be available via iTunes.

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Fifa Soccer has sold over 100 million units over its lifetime

EA has announced today that their popular Fifa Soccer franchise has managed to sell a massive 100 million units over its lifetime. They also let us know that Fifa Soccer 11 has already become the quickest selling sports game of all time, selling over 2.6 million copies in just the first five days.

EA To release 'Rango' the video game

The game is to be based on the upcoming animated Johnny Depp film 'Rango'. It follows the adventures of Rango through the Old West town of Dirt where you will meet characters from the film and take part in various shootouts. The game is due to be released on a host of formats including Xbox 360, PS3, Wii and the Nintendo DS sometime in March 2011.

PlayStation 3 News

Sniper: Ghost Warrior Coming next year

City Interactive have let us know that Sniper: Ghost Warrior is going to be released on the PlayStation 3 sometime next year. Sniper: Ghost Warrior is a single player based game that has you taking on a military regime. The game aims to be as realistic as possible with a ballistic system that accounts for distance of shot, fall-off bullet's trajectory and more. More news when we get it, but in the mean time here are a few more details:

  • Fully upgraded gameplay and graphics;
  • Exclusive single player missions for PS3TM owners;
  • Bonus multiplayer maps;
  • Exclusive new multiplayer modes including Capture the Flag and Hard Core difficulty mode
  • Exclusive new sniper rifles including the L96 and the M200 Intervention
  • Bonus single-player challenge: Additional mission with Hard Core mode to challenge the very best players.

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Comet Crash: Bionic Swarm DLC coming

Good news for all the fans of tower defense title Comic Crash. Sony has stated on their official blow that the Bionic Swarm DLC will be released in the next few weeks. The DLC will show off larger swarms, new landscapes and more. 

MAG Escalation DLC Launches Tomorrow

Sony's excellent MAG will receive yet another new piece of DLC tomorrow in the form of MAG Escalation. This brings us three new maps and the 'Escalation' game mode, which will have Raven, SVER and Valor all fighting against each other at the same time. The pack will cost $7.99.

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Xbox 360 News

Kinect UK Midnight Openings - Details

Microsoft have let us know that the main launch center for Kinect in the U.K. will be in Oxford Street GAME on November 9. According to the press release, they plan to  have Video Kinect setup so that the first person in the queue will get to speak to some mystery special guests. Game will also have over 300 other stores open at midnight across the country, although don't go there expecting to pick up Kinect unless you have already pre-ordered it.

In other Kinect launch news - UK entertainment store HMV announced earlier today that they will no longer be opening up any of its stores for a midnight launch, saying that they will focus on in-store demos rather than the midnight launch. Though this is more likely due to Microsoft using GAME as their launch partner for the UK

Kinect launches on November 10 in the UK priced at £129.99 for Kinect and Kinect Adventures.

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Windows News

Final Fantasy XIV Sells 630,000 Copies

It seems that Square have managed to sell just over 630,000 copies of Final Fantasy XIV. The MMO went on sale at the end of September and has done pretty well considering it has had almost universally poor reviews. Square are working on the problems though saying that it is their aim to get users trust back. They also confirmed that the PlayStation 3 version will still be coming in March 2011

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