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Google One has a few new benefits for fans of Google hardware

Google launched a wide range of devices yesterday, including the new Pixel 4 family of smartphones, the Pixelbook Go, and devices for smart homes. At the event, Google also mentioned that those who buy a Pixel 4 will get a free subscription to the 100GB Google One plan for three months, and that the subscription would include Pro Sessions - the ability to get on a call with a Google support technician to help you with the phone.

Today, Google has announced some more benefits for those that choose to subscribe to Google One, specifically in the higher tiers. Those who subscribe to the 200GB plan can get 3% credit back on purchases made from the Google Store, and if you opt for the more expensive plans, you can get 10% back. This only applies if you're subscribed to Google One within 30 days of the purchase, which is when the credit will be issued, and you'll then have one year to use it.

These rewards are only available in a few countries, though, specifically the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, and Australia. Additionally, trial memberships of Google One aren't eligible, and only the primary account holder in a family subscription can get these rewards.

While any sort of rewards is welcome, these may not be enough to stop the criticism Google has faced in the past couple of days. The Mountain View giant used to offer original-quality photo backups for pictures taken with its Pixel devices, but the Pixel 4 will only offer "high-quality" photo backups, meaning there will be some degree of compression. To make matters worse, the base models have just 64GB of internal storage without a microSD card slot, making it hard to keep a user's collection of photos over time.

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