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Google Pixel Fold heavier than Z Fold4, but for good reasons

Pixel Fold

Rumors are flying that Google's first foldable phone will be the heaviest in the market when it releases. It will be heavier than all the current foldable phones, including Galaxy Z Fold4, Surface Duo 2, and Oppo Find N. However, there's a reason behind this weight increase.

According to sources close to 9to5Google, the battery of the upcoming Pixel Fold device will be closer to 5,000 mAh. The battery capacity is bigger than the existing Oppo Find N foldable device, which currently holds the top position in terms of battery capacity in the foldable phone category. Since Google had to pack a bigger battery in its foldable, the company had to compromise on the weight.

At 263 grams, Galaxy Z Fold4 is currently the heaviest foldable phone out there, but Pixel Fold will take the top position when launched owing to the bigger battery.

A bigger battery will translate to more screen-on-time, but much will depend on how well Google optimizes the device. Worryingly, Google has so far not succeeded in providing a good battery life with its flagship phones. In fact, as many pointed out, battery life is one of the major flaws of the Pixel 7 Pro. We all would like to see Google breaking this trend with the Pixel Fold.

Besides a bigger battery, rumor has it that the foldable Pixel phone will feature a 7.57-inch internal foldable and a 5.78-inch external display. Powering the device is said to be the Google Tensor G2. It will reportedly be available in Chalk (white) and Obsidian (black) and may cost somewhere around $1,800.

As per previous rumors, Google is preparing to launch the Pixel Fold device in the Q3 of this year. It faced multiple delays for various reasons, including the one that said it wasn't on par with the Galaxy Z Fold3, which came out in 2021.

Via 9to5google

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