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Hi-Fi Rush adds a Photo Mode for making cool screenshots; reaches 2 million players

The photo mode in Hi-fi Rush

Game developer Tango Gameworks surprised most folks with the release of Hi-Fi Rush in January. The Xbox and PC game was developed in secret. It's a cyberpunk-themed action rhythm game with an anime art style and it became a big hit for the developer and its parent companies Bethesda Softworks and Microsoft. Indeed, it has been announced the game has had two million players since its launch a little over a month ago.

Today, the game got a free update that adds a small but nice feature: a Photo Mode. Here's how the new addition is described:

You can pause the action and pose Chai and his allies, then edit the scene with a medley of frames, filters and camera effects to create the perfect picture!

The images are stored in the “My Capture” menu on Microsoft's Xbox Series X and S consoles and in the Screenshot folder of the PC version. You can visit those locations, grab the shots, and then share them with friends. The developer says there will be places in the game where Photo Mode is disabled, including the game's cut scenes, locations where the game uses a fixed camera, and more.

This update also fixes some bugs in the game overall. Here are the patch notes:

  • Resolved “UE4 Fatal Error” caused by a specific shader setting
  • Resolved “UE4 Fatal Error” caused by Sound Device Enumerating Process
  • Fixed an issue where the game could freeze during the fight with the WA-ES-2 (Samurai Chef) in Track 10
  • Fixed an issue where progress could be blocked in Track 10 when purchasing items from the store after answering Roquefort’s phone, exiting the level, then reloading the level.
  • Fixed an issue where the player cannot progress during the 808 battle in Track 12
  • Fixed a bug where Chip slots might not accurately be reflected in game if purchased it from the store while having a in-progress save for Rhythm Tower, then loading the suspended Rhythm Tower save and exiting the run.
  • Stick and trigger dead zone calculation adjusted
  • QA-1MIL’s attack behavior has been adjusted
  • Some of Mimosa’s dialogue has been corrected (Spanish)
  • Fixed an issue where result data from Rhythm Tower would incorrectly influence “final result” Track data when Rhythm Tower is played while a checkpoint save exists for an ongoing Track.
  • Corrected incorrect results for the SPECTRA Rooms being displayed in the Final Results if players exited the game after auto-saving
  • Fixed an issue where players could get stuck in Track 11 if they were hit by the giant robot’s laser when using the magnet grapple
  • Fixed a bug where the player could continue to play after game over animation in Rekka fight
  • Fixed the issue when after taking damage during the Rekka fight at specific timings or after the game over sequence, the player is able to move Chai.
  • Adjusted an icon in the Training Room menu that can appear squished
  • Adjusted Holo Chai SP attack motion so Chai’s hand doesn’t look super weird
  • Adjusted screen during pause menu transition to prevent visual bugs.
  • Adjusted VU-REV effects during the Rhythm Parry Attack for clarity
  • Adjusted the background during the battle with Rekka to remove visual bug when transitioning to cutscene.
  • “Game over” explanation for recommending auto-action adjusted to not appear in inappropriate situations
  • Tracks 3 and 4: Zanzo’s programmers’ salary adjusted for inflation

As we reported a few days ago, the studio's founder Shinji Mikami revealed just after the launch of Hi-Fi Rush he will be departing Tango Gameworks in the coming months. He has still not revealed the reason for his departure.

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