Humble Indie Bundle V ends with over $5 million

The latest Humble Bundle "pay what you want" event for a number of indie games is now over and it was a huge success. The Humble Indie Bundle V event raised a total of $5,106,764.08, blowing away the previous record set by Humble Indie Bundle 4, which raised $2.37 million in December 2011.

As we reported before, the games that were officially a part of Humble Indie Bundle V included the classic Double Fine action-adventure game Psychonauts, the survival horror game Amnesia: The Dark Descent, the unique 2D platformer game Limbo and the action-adventure game with the odd title Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP.

If you decided to pay more than the average amount as listed on the Humble Bundle site, you were also supposed to get the action-RPG game Bastion as part of the bundle. After the launch, the Humble Bundle team added three more games that a person could get if they put in more than the average amount; Lone Survivor, Braid and Super Meat Boy.

Normally buying all eight of these games together would cost well over $50. The average amount people paid for the bundle was $8.53. The biggest single purchase was $13,167.84. That amount was paid by the Humble Brony Bundle, a group made of of many people who collectively decided to try to reach the top of the Humble Indie Bundle V donation list. The majority of their donations went to charity.

Source: Humble Bundle

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