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Leak suggests Microsoft might slowly be gearing up for Windows 11 23H2 (Sun Valley 3)

Windows 11 23H2 codenamed Sun Valley 3

Last year, we learned that Microsoft has moved to a gradual rollout of new features in Windows every few months or so, which the company refers to as "moments". We seem to be moving closer to the impending Moment Update 2 for Windows 11 22H2, which should be happening some time soon, (reports suggest around February and March). Meanwhile, internal work on future Moment updates, like Moment 3 is also seemingly underway. Hence, it should come as no surprise that the Redmond company is now gearing up for what's beyond, which means Moment 4.

According to early reports, the Moment 4 update is going to be the yearly feature update that happens later in 2023. Hence Moment 4 is what Microsoft reportedly refers internally to the Windows 11 version 23H2 or Sun Valley 3 (SV3 in short).

Windows enthusiast and Twitter user Xeno has spotted references and traces of internal development Windows 11 23H2 today, indicating that Microsoft is slowly but surely preparing for 23H2.

When visiting the "http://aka.ms/23H2" a redirection to OSGWiki suggests that Microsoft is starting to add stuff into the OSGWiki. The OSGWiki (www.osgwiki.com) is an internal Microsoft website where the company employees share resources and documentation of internal builds and other related upcoming developments.

Somewhat unsurprisingly, replacing 23H2 in http://aka.ms/23H2 with 24H2 takes us straight to the Bing homepage.

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