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Logitech wants to turn your iPad into a Surface

When it first unveiled the Surface line three years ago, Microsoft marketed its first foray into manufacturing PCs as a productivity powerhouse, giving you the best of both worlds; the mobility of the tablet and the productivity of the PC. The iPad, on th other hand, was the king of consumption but, to this day, lacks in the productivity department - so much so that rumors of a larger, Surface-esque iPad Pro just will not cease. Logitech wants to change that.

It looks like the designers of the accessories mainstay saw the Surface and just fell in love. Their latest keyboard cover is all but an imitation of the Surface.

The cover goes round your iPad Air 2 and, due to extra cushions embedded within the walls, protects your device in the case of a fall. What makes this cover unique, however, is what's round back: an "any-angle" kickstand to support your device. Furthermore, if you opt for the Keyboard Case, you also get a magnetically detachable keyboard, making your iPad the Surface Pro's long lost twin. It connects by Bluetooth, like any other third-party keyboard.

Logitech recently announced Logi, a sub brand with an emphasis on design and colour, and you can see it in their first offering. The keyboard comes in black or a combination of teal/blue or red/violet. It sells for $129 - or you can buy just the kickstand cover for $69, excluding the keyboard.

Source: Logitech|Thanks for the tip, George!

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