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Microsoft Search adds improvements for finding workplace content in Microsoft 365 and more

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Microsoft has revealed some new features and improvements it has added to Microsoft Search. In case you are unaware Microsoft Search is not the same thing as its Bing search engine. Instead, it is a search experience for its productivity apps and services under Microsoft 365 and others.

Microsoft search

In a blog post, Microsoft stated that one feature it has added is the same search experience if you use it on Bing, SharePoint, and Microsoft365.com. That means that if you search for something on any one of those sites, you should get the same search result instead of different results.

Another new feature is that Microsoft 365 subscribers will be able to see Teams and Outlook messages in search results on both Microsoft365.com and Bing, via the new new Messages vertical. Also, there's a new Videos vertical to search for videos inside your organization.

Another new feature for Microsoft 365 subscribers is that if you search for a file via Bing that is only supposed to be seen by you, it will be labeled as "Only you can see this” in the search results. Microsoft added:

Users can also view and manage who has access to files from the “Who can see this?” option in the file action menu, located directly on the search results page. Users can only do this if they own the file or have permission to update the file or its permissions.

Search results that show files from inside your organization will also show some context information. For example, a Word file that you find in Microsoft Search could show it was modified yesterday, along with who modified it. The search result for such a file could also include a download link for that file or a link to copy that file.

There's a lot more info on what's new in Microsoft Search in that blog post, including search usage reports and more.

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