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Microsoft shows how to disassemble and repair Surface Laptop Studio

The Surface Laptop Studio

Microsoft has published a new video on its Surface YouTube channel detailing the process of disassembling and repairing the Surface Laptop Studio. Besides explaining how to get into the device's guts properly, the video reveals several unique design ideas Microsoft implemented in the Surface Laptop Studio.

The Surface Laptop Studio is a peculiar laptop both inside and out. Although it has a complex form factor with a quirky hinge, getting inside and replacing the primary components appears relatively easy. Unlike all the other laptops, the Surface Laptop Studio has its battery fixed to the bottom plate with easily accessible pull tabs. Also, disconnecting the battery cable is not required because removing the SSD shuts down the power to the entire system - the laptop will not turn on once back in one piece unless you connect it to a power supply.

Another important aspect of repairing the Surface Laptop Studio is that it does not require removing the motherboard to replace the battery, SSD, screen, and ports. Connectors are also modular, which means replacing a broken Surface Connect or audio jack will be a relatively simple and inexpensive procedure.

Microsoft says it wants to support the right to repair movement, so the company tries to avoid using excessive amounts of adhesive or overcomplicating the internal design. Of course, not everyone will be brave enough to take apart such an expensive laptop, but it is nice to see Microsoft making efforts to create a computer that is relatively easy to repair.

You can learn more about disassembling and replacing vital parts of the Surface Laptop Studio in the video or the official documentation on the Surface website. If you own the Surface Laptop Studio and do not want to take it apart yet, be sure to download the latest firmware update that adds support for Voice Clarity.

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