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Microsoft Store gets AI-generated review summaries, keywords and a dedicated AI Hub

A screenshof of the Microsoft Store and its AI hub next to a Microsoft Store logo

Microsoft continues adding new AI-powered features and capabilities to its apps and services. This year, Microsoft supercharged Bing, SwiftKey, Edge, and Skype with AI, and now it is time for the Microsoft Store to get a taste of artificial intelligence. During its annual developer conference, the software giant announced several new Microsoft Store AI-based features.

Microsoft says its Windows 10 and 11 app store is no longer just a place to download an app or game—it should serve as a "resource to educate customers about how they can be more productive, achieve their tasks, and discover new content." To achieve this noble goal, Microsoft has prepared a dedicated AI Hub and AI-powered features, such as review summaries and automatic keyword generation.

Microsoft Store AI Hub with the best AI-powered Windows apps

Microsoft Store AI Hub is a new curated store section where Microsoft highlights "the best AI experiences build by the developer community and Microsoft." In other words, customers will be able to discover AI-powered applications and their capabilities, such as Luminar Neo and Lensa, Descript, Krisp, Podcastle, Gamma, Copy.ai, Tripnotes, and more.

A screenshot of the Microsoft Store and the AI Hub showcasing AI-powered Windows apps

If you are a Windows app developer and want your project featured in the AI Hub, submit your application using the official form.

AI-generated review summaries

AI-generated review summaries will help Microsoft Store visitors better understand what others think about a specific app or game without scrolling through hundreds of reviews. The store will summarize reviews in short, concise highlights containing the topline details.

A screenshot of an app listing in the Microsoft Store with a dedicated section for an AI-powered rev

Here is an example:

Review summary based on 344 reviews

Reviews suggest that Phone Link is a must-have app for increasing productivity and multitasking. Users appreciate the convenience of being able to view and respond to texts from their PC in real time, use iMessage from Windows 11, manage photos. and send messages from a PC. The app is easy to use and provides helpful design features for making calls and messaging.

AI-generated keywords for better discoverability

AI-generated keywords are a new tool that leverages the power of artificial intelligence to help developers generate appropriate and precise keywords for their store listings. Microsoft will analyze and process metadata and other signals to improve discoverability in the search results.

A screenshot of the Microsoft Partner Center showcasing AI-generated keywords for an app listing

In addition, the software giant will allow developers to select multiple categories per program, giving app makers another tool to reach more customers.

The new AI-powered features for the Microsoft Store will soon be available for public preview by regular customers and app developers. You can learn more about the announcements in a post on the official blog. Be sure to catch up with the rest of Build 2023 news here.

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