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Microsoft's new Lumia 530 video is all about 'power for the people' (oh, and apps too)

Last week, Microsoft announced the most affordable Lumia Windows Phone ever. The Lumia 530 joins the Nokia range as its new entry-level Windows Phone 8.1 device, and is an important step towards bringing Microsoft's mobile OS down to the lowest price points, since the company announced plans to ditch Nokia's Asha and Series 40 handsets. 

The Lumia 530 isn't due to go on sale until some time next month, priced around €85 EUR / $115 off-contract before taxes and subsidies. But Microsoft has already begun promoting the device, and following on from videos it released last week, the company has produced another video showing off what the new handset can do. 

The video showcases the handset being used by people in a variety of settings, from sitting around playing a game to chatting on the phone, listening to music and taking photos. Under the 'Power for the people' tagline, which the company has been using to promote the 530, the video actually goes a bit further than just showing the device in action. 

While all of the happy, pretty people are doing all this cool stuff on the handset, the video takes care to show off specific - and very well known and popular - apps on the device. The gamer is enjoying a round of Fruit Ninja, photos are taken with Instagram, music is identified with Shazam, and we also see glimpses of other big-name apps like Vine, Skype, Line and Viber. It's surely no accident that so many high-profile apps were crammed into the video, given that there are still perceptions that Windows Phone has 'no apps.' 

Set to the soundtrack of 'Simple Math' by Ruupuu - which includes the lyrics "We are so much better combined" - the video even manages to include brief cameos of the Xbox One's home screen, and the Start screen on a Windows tablet, showing off the Microsoft 'family' connection with these devices. 

Source: YouTube via WinBeta | Image captured from video via Microsoft

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