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New Path of Exile II gameplay footage shows off the newly revealed Witch character

path of exile ii

Developer Grinding Gear Games has been busy during the "non-E3" period. During the Sony PlayStation State of Play event, the team showed off new footage of the console versions of its action-RPG sequel Path of Exile II.

This week, the team posted even more footage from the game on its YouTube channel. This time we got to see the new Witch playable class.

One of the big features of this character is that it can summon up a lot of minions, in the form of undead fighters. You will also be able to order them with the help of a dedicated button.

You can even create temporary minions with a spell called Unearth. The game's director Jonathon Rogers states in the video:

If it kills a monster or if it hits the corpse of a monster, it creates these bone constructs. They can't take many hits and have a limited lifetime, but you can build up a real army with these.

As you progress in the game and level up, the Witch will be able to summon different types of undead minions. They will include brutes that can stun enemies and ice mages for freezing enemies.

The Witch has some other spells and abilities. Rogers states:

Profane Ritual consumes a corpse to create a Power Charge, which can power up some of my other spells. If I use them to summon zombies, I can create super zombies, which are more powerful.

The end of the video sees the Witch and its minions fight off a boss creature, Tor Gul, the Defiler, who generates itself with a collection of different bones. The Witch uses a variety of spells and minions to try to defeat the big boss of this level.

Path of Exile II is currently set to be released in early access for PC, Xbox Series X|S and PlayStation 5 platforms sometime in late 2024.

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