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OnePlus 2 will come with 'cooler' Snapdragon 810 v2.1 processor

Qualcomm's launch of its Snapdragon 810 processor last year was marred by widespread reports of overheating problems affecting numerous upcoming devices. These issues were said to have been resolved earlier this year, but that didn't stop a senior Qualcomm executive from recently dismissing the overheating rumors as entirely untrue, calling them "rubbish".

Despite Qualcomm's claims, OnePlus nonetheless referenced the issue of the overheating processor in its announcement that its next-generation flagship-class handset will use the Snapdragon 810, as previously rumored.

The company went out of its way to point out that the OnePlus 2 will use "an improved version of the chipset (v2.1)", adding that its hardware and software optimizations will ensure that the device "will be cooler than ever". After explaining some of the technical aspects of the processor, OnePlus again emphasized that its new phone won't have an overheating problem: "After rigorous testing, the 2 meets the industry standard for phone temperature, even with hours of use."

OnePlus says that its engineers "debated endlessly" over which processor to use in the handset, but they "always came back to the 810":

With eight CPU cores and 64-bit computing, we chose the 810 to be the driving force behind the OnePlus 2's impressive specs. When paired with the 2, this means better video, a quicker camera, and an unbelievable gaming experience.

Features that the 810 supports include streaming 4K Ultra HD video, amazingly crisp and fast photos with one quick snap, immersive 3D gaming brought to you by the first-in-class Adreno 430 GPU, high-quality video streaming that uses less bandwidth, and exceptional battery life.

The company also says that it has "created a proprietary technology" to handle processor core management more efficiently in the handset's Android-based OxygenOS.

OnePlus adds that it will continue to reveal more about its new device in the weeks ahead.

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