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OnePlus gets "creative" and slims down the display bezel of its handset in latest commercial

OnePlus is no stranger to controversy. Whether it's releasing cringe-worthy commercials, running a sexist photo contest, or breaking promises to its customers, it has pretty much crossed the line enough times to know that even the smallest mistake will be called out. That appears to the case in its latest "mistake" as it appears that the firm has taken a liberty in its "The Red You Need" commercial by misrepresenting the thickness of the lower bezel of the display.

As you can see from the still image at the top of the post, taken from the video posted on the OnePlus YouTube channel, the bottom bezel of the display appears quite thin when compared to the real thing. Now, this isn't anything new and we have seen "exaggerations" countless times from smaller manufacturers in the past. But it is quite odd that the company would try and pass this off as the look of the OnePlus 6, seeing as how the handset has already been available for purchase for the past two months.

You can probably chalk this up to being an honest mistake, but again, with its track record, the company is always under the microscope. You be the judge. If interested, you can order the new red variant of the OnePlus 6 in the US on July 10.

Source: Reddit | Image and video courtesy of OnePlus

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