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Only one Wii U controller per console, says Nintendo

Ever since Nintendo revealed its exciting new Wii U console, and its even more interesting controller with built-in touch display, the Wii U’s story has been a bit of a mixed bag. 

Despite some very positive buzz around the product after the big reveal, Nintendo later admitted that some of the demo footage for the console had been taken from its PS3 and Xbox 360 rivals. Just three days after the Wii U’s announcement, Nintendo’s stock price had fallen by over 10%.

Then came the rather unwelcome news that – like its predecessor, but unlike its current rivals – the Wii U won’t support DVD or Blu-Ray playback.

Today, Engadget reports that Satoru Iwata, president and CEO of Nintendo, has confirmed in an interview with Japan’s Diamond Online that only one of the touch screen controllers will be allowed per console, and that games that are in development can’t handle more than one of them at a time.

However, he teased the possibility of that changing, stating that while such games aren’t currently under consideration, they are technically feasible. For now, though, Nintendo feels that the cost of purchasing standalone controllers would be prohibitive to most gamers.

Each Wii U console comes with one controller in the box, and developers are currently being instructed to design games with only one in mind - although your friends can still begrudgingly join in with their old-school Wiimotes, while you revel in your touch screen goodness.

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