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Opera is looking to integrate ChatGPT into its products

ChatGPT has been all the rage since its launch a few months ago. Although the chatbot is available as a standalone product already, numerous companies are looking to either launch competitors or utilize the underlying tech in their own products. Now, it seems like Opera is ready to throw its hat into the ring too.

According to a CNBC report, Opera's parent company Kunlun Tech has revealed that it plans to integrate ChatGPT into its own products. The firm has not clarified what the products in question are and if they include its Opera browser. Furthermore, the report does not exactly clarify if the integration is with the ChatGPT chatbot - Microsoft is yet to give access to this as a service - or if Opera plans to leverage the underlying GPT large language model. Availability details have not been disclosed either.

Regardless, the AI race is clearly on with major tech players looking to launch their products soon. Microsoft has already launched a new version of Bing powered by OpenAI's tech and Google is demoing a competitor called "Bard"; although its launch has been a bit bumpy. Moreover, we already know that Baidu and Alibaba are looking to reveal their offerings in this space soon as well.

As it currently stands, Opera currently occupies a relatively minuscule 3.42% marketshare in the desktop browser space, far behind the front-runner Google with 66.39%. The company is clearly looking to boost its presence by offering enticing experiences powered by AI.

Source: CNBC

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