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Playstation 3's new hope? Sony hopes so.

Thanks to DrunknMunky for the heads up on this story.

Sony thinks inside the box for its newest iteration of PS3. Can less really mean more? Edge conducts an in-depth interview with Sony Computer Entertainment Europe managing director Ray Maguire.

Sony Computer Entertainment has a problem. It has sold 124 billion PlayStation 2 games into territories spanning the globe, but its newest PlayStation hardware will not play a single one of them.

How big is this problem? That depends who you ask. For many commentators on the internet, who've spent over a year now flicking criticism in Sony's direction, and indeed the many thousands of consumers who log on to websites to wallow in the negative spin, it's more proof that the company has lost the plot, and that its PS3 strategy is broken beyond repair.

What about the millions of people who use their PlayStation 2 consoles as karaoke machines, electronic quizmasters or simply something that will keep the kids quiet while they argue about whose turn it is to go to buy this week's lottery tickets? This sector of the market is surely hardly even aware that the newly introduced, sub-£300 PlayStation 3 won't play their old games. It's this sector, though, that Sony is looking to bring on board now that it is closer to offering PlayStation 3 as something like a mass-market proposition. What are these people expected to do with their stacks of PS2 games?

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