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PowerUser.TV e46: Parallels, PS3 Pre-Order and More!

Kristin talks about her trip to San Francisco for a Windows Vista Marketing Day and discusses Vista Beta 2 features that were exhibited. Speaking of Microsoft, Bill Gates announces his departure from The Vole in two years to lend more time (and money) to charity. Also, running Windows on a Mac at the same time without rebooting! More RIAA lawsuits, this time it's YouTube users.

Joel talks about the ESRB's new $1,000,000 fine for games with non-disclosed violent or sexual content. Also, Blizzard addresses rumors about other MMOs based on their other titles. Congress holds a hearing to discuss violence in video games (damning them all, of course). A grossly-expensive PS3 pre-order in the UK and, of course, the game that's kicking Joel's butt this week.

In our new segment, staff recommendations for an overall happier computing experience and more silliness than should be allowed by law!

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