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Samsung expands its premium QLED TV range at IFA 2017

In March, Samsung held an event in Paris to mark the worldwide unveiling of its 2017 premium lineup of 4K TVs. Now, the firm is expanding its range with two additional Q8 models and another variant of its The Frame offering.

First in line is the Q8F, the flat variant of the curved model announced in March, and it's available in 55- and 65-inch sizes. It sports similar characteristics to the other TVs in the range, with its No Gap wall-mount and VDE-verified 100 percent color volume, the latter thanks to Samsungs metal quantum dot technology underpinning the panel.

Also due to be announced is the smallest variant of Samsung's dual-personality TV and picture frame called The Frame. The 43-inch variant joins the previously 55- and 65-inch models so that it "doubles as a home décor element displaying both works of art as well as personal photographs."

Both Q8F offerings will be available for purchase immediately after their announcement at IFA, with the 55-inch coming in at €2,599, and the 65-inch levelling off at €3,599. The Frame's 43-inch variant will be available in October, and will set you back €1,499.

With this announcement, Samsung's QLED range spans 14 different models of TVs, both flat and curved, from 49-inch all the way up to 88-inch diagonals.

Another point emphasized by the firm is its HDR10 Summit, which takes place on September 1 at the Waldorf Astoria in Berlin. In terms of subjects covered, the South Korean maker seeks to discuss the implementation of its HDR10+ and QLED technologies in its TVs. There is also a partnership Samsung was eager to point to:

At the Summit, Samsung will also discuss its new partnership with 20th Century Fox and Panasonic Corporation to create an open, royalty-free dynamic metadata platform for HDR10+. The three companies will form a licensing entity in January 2018 and offer royalty-free metadata to content companies, UHD TV, Blu-ray players/recorders and set-top box manufacturers, as well as SoC (System on Chip) vendors.

With IFA 2017 kicking off in a few hours, more details about Samsung's plans are bound to appear, so stay tuned.

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