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Sea of Thieves 1.1.8 update brings an end to the Sunken Curse Bilge Rat Adventure

Less than a week is left on the counter before the Cursed Sails major content update is slated to hit Sea of Thieves, and today's weekly update to the pirate adventure title has Rare wiping the slate clean to prepare for it.

The 1.1.8 update brings an end to the latest Bilge Rat Adventure that had players destroying mermaid statues scattered around islands. This means that players will no longer be able to earn doubloons for smashing them, but commendations are still up for grabs.

Curiously, the studio gave out some advice for pirates on its patch notes today, saying that Outpost shopkeepers will be discounting their wares soon. This will probably occur alongside the upcoming Cursed Sails launch, considering it looks like skeleton ships will be laying siege to outposts during it.

The update has also improved lighting, reflection, and movement effects of water that fill up inside ships. Meanwhile on the performance front, in addition to the usual crash fixes, the studio has changed the despawn mechanics of sinking items to improve performance, saying they will "now despawn at the lowest depths the player can swim to, instead of sinking beyond."

Lastly, here is the 1.1.8 update's list of fixes and what known issues are currently being worked on.

Fixed Issues

  • The Executive Admiral Jacket no longer clips on muscular body types.
  • Flags no longer become detached from flag poles when sailing.
  • Players no longer clip out of the Sloop when interacting with Banana/Food Barrel.
  • Screen stutter has been reduced whilst sprinting and aiming down sights.
  • Players who earned but did not receive items during The Hungering Deep will receive these upon next login.
  • Players who completed the required Commendations but did not receive Skeleton Thrones Titles will receive them upon next login.

Known Issues

  • Some players travel in an unintended direction when fired from a cannon.
  • Some players may continue to hear muffled sound after being fired from a cannon.

We have reports that being fired out of a cannon again clears the muffled sound.

  • The UI and pirates in the 'Select Your Pirate' carousel may not be visible for some players.

We have reports that the UI and pirates become visible after a few minutes.

The update is now available to players on the Xbox One family of consoles and Windows 10 PCs, with the former coming in at 1.36GB and the latter at 965MB.

Those interested in sailing into the Sea of Thieves can do so by purchasing the game via the Microsoft Store or by subscribing to the Xbox Game Pass program.

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