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Sony atracTable to take on Microsoft Surface


image courtesy of pocket-lint.com

Sony is set to take on the Microsoft Surface next month, with their new Sony atracTable prototype, according to pocket-lint.  Sony purchased the technology off of a Swiss company, Atracsys, which has been developing the atracTable since 2008.

Atracsys specializes in multi-touch interactive projects, including a 60-inch multi-touch tangible atracTable.  Sony has developed a working prototype, similar to that of the Microsoft Surface, due next month and will be available in a 35-inch atracTable.

Atracsys says that the table will have “a full HD screen and a high contrast” display when ready.  The project has been in development between Sony ISS and Atracsys for some time now; demonstrated last year at Vision 2009.

Like the Microsoft Surface, Sony's latest project will be able to interact with the user through touch and devices, including mobile phones and objects placed onto the surface.

The atracTable will be able to track and recognize gestures and body movements, including head, arms, hands and fingers.  Sony says that the table will be able sensitive enough to recognize users age, sex, and emotion.  The camera will be able to interact with a user when it detects them being happy, angry, surprised, sad or neutral.

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