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Statcounter: Edge falls below 10%, Safari continues climbing

Logos of the five most popular mainstream desktop browsers

The first day of a new month means it is time for Statcounter's latest findings. The May 2023 report is now available with details about the most popular browsers and their market share changes.

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To no one's surprise, Google Chrome is still the number one go-to browser on most platforms. Its desktop variant holds a 66.02% share with minor fluctuations from month to month. In May 2023, Chrome lost 0.2 points.

Apple's Safari, the only non-cross-platform desktop browser, is cementing its new place after taking over Microsoft Edge in April 2023. Safari's customer base increased from 11.89% to 12.79%, further gapping Microsoft Edge. The latter once again dipped below the 10% mark and reached a 9.91% share (-0.98 points).

According to Statcounter, Edge is not the only browser having problems with increasing its market share. Firefox continues bleeding customers, and in May 2023, its share decreased from 5.59% to 5.28%. For reference, in July 2022, its market share was at 8%.

Opera is the fifth most popular desktop browser, with a market share of 4.02% (+0.9 points). Finally, the honorable mention goes to Internet Explorer and its 0.45% share.

  1. Google Chrome - 66.02% (-0.2 points)
  2. Apple Safari - 12.79% (+0.9 points)
  3. Microsoft Edge - 9.91% (-0.98 points)
  4. Mozilla Firefox - 5.59% (-0.31 points)
  5. Opera - 4.02% (+0.9 points)
A chart showing desktop browsers market share prepared by Statcounter

And here is the mobile side of the market, where Google, Apple, and Samsung hold over 93% of users. Interestingly, Google Chrome lost a notable chunk of customers during the last three months. Safari, on the other hand, is experiencing a continuous spike.

  1. Google Chrome - 61.09% (-0.67 points)
  2. Apple Safari - 27.81% (+0.81 points)
  3. Samsung Internet - 4.97% (+0.14 points)
  4. Opera - 1.8% (-0.09 points)
  5. UC Browser - 1.54% (-0.17 points)
A chart showing mobile browsers market share data gathered by Statcouter

You can find more information on the official Statcounter website.

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